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Lyric Awaara Dil

DEEWANI TERI VERSE : 1 Uski aankhon main tha sara jahan.. Jaise mera kuch vha.. Wo aayi to aisa lga ke.. Tham gya ye waqt kyu.. Pre CHORUS Han maana maine awaara dil mera.. Par dil ka rishta ek tujhse tha joda.. Meri sanson main haq hai bs tera… Chorus Deewani teri, Deewana tera.. Deewani teri, is in love with you Deewani teri , Deewana tera Deewani teri BRIDGE : Raat ka saaya sang kiche chala aayo re Sataayo re, mohe rulayo re Aankh na bhaye mohe kangan chudiya.. Tujh sang judiya je ishq ka dhaago re.. Verse : 2 Yeah, I really wanna take this time out.. So that I can take this moment.. And make it count.. oh I was mad and I know I did some messed up stuff For the best of love.. And the sake of life.. Mistakes, alright I made some And I don’t even need u back.. But I need to tell u that.. You were the only one.. And will always be This one’s for the chemistry.. Han maana maine awaara dil mera.. Par dil ka rishta ek tujhse tha joda.. Verse 3 Yeah.. How it all started.. All my dreams, my reality.. Now see, here’s a better me.. The V you deserve to see.. Now free.. Let me take this beat and maybe it’ll help me be the Basic of what you call The perfect me, for the perfect you All the messed up Psychopath stuff.. I was on Got my head butt.. Fell down on the red mud All alone Keep blaming you for shoving me.. Kicking me, leaving me.. While you were picking me up.. Helped me be a better man.. Then I was.. Helped me rap every song that I wrote.. Nd course.. I love you forever.. With this tat over here… Meri sanson main haq hai sirf tera… CHORUS DEEWANI TERI, is in love with you U know.. Deewani teri Going mad for you..