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Lyric Lyric Song Pen Dei Chhop Vel

Verse 1: Anonymous-G Verse 2: Mythical Verse 3: ETR Dur şimdi, kur kinci Packin n backin diyerek teklemeyi denediğin beni görünce kesilen sözleri vur şimdi Sesim ile kesilin ama ezilin tez bir vakit geliniz ve önümde eğiliniz Devrilin bir evril sen kelimelerini veremedin genede bir Halt olamadın sona varamadan alamadan kaç sen kendini Kurtar, duramayacaksın- ız alayınız ile kapışacağım ben ölene dek Pek bekletmeden gelecek tek son size, ipe dize dize öğreteceğim Uğraşılmayacağını bizle, gizle sen izle bizi dizi gibi EZ bana sonum sana kaçma ama zor yoldan anlayacan Sona eremedim ama farketmedi genede edemedi benle komedi Filmi gibi kendisinin Rap, Rap'leri sandı kendisini dahi kullanarak basit eki olan kipleri Ben gelirim çalarak Mehter'i, beni anlayan hasım geri basa basa kaçar taca veda Gelir bela, hemde fena, gelir gına, senin rapin ama, sakın deneme bir daha bakmayı bana Kalaman yaranma kalamar tamamlama aya dallama dal da kal amacın kalacan hayal da banaman bandana banlan dan dan dan piano anı son sahne başlar Adamım kazarım, yarana basarım, gelene tasarım , gidene tasarım , Evini basarım , deveni asarım , zaman geçerkende Flow yeteneğimi kasarım Mola veremedim edemedi beni genede geri gele gele beni bile bile genede bilemeden önüme geçemedi delemedi Gelemedi veremedi gene geldim hemde ben tek bir flow gelene geçene zevkle yenerek koymam için yeterli ama kana kana patlayarak dinlediğin bu müzik ismide ELEMENTAL CHOPPERS! Verse 4: MurrK It's ya boi Vicodin Pack On another Chopper track Elemental Choppers 5, do you think I can survive The effort it takes to write, or am I gonna die Last time we were talking about the elements of rap Tings with words not booms like Big Shaq Yeah coz it's Christmas with Father Mizury Hopping on down the Chimney And laying the shit underneath the Christmas Tree And outisde the window you got Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Commet, Cupid, Donna, Blitzen Then there's Jackal the redneck reindeer He had very muscular abs, but the other reindeers Never let Jackal get his vaccination jabs Then one foggy UC release eve, Father Mizury's medic came to say Jackal with your abs toned shite, you finna die of tuberculosis before the end of the night Now who remember the nativity story Well I think we all should But you're not thinking of the one I am The one you've heard is a dud So you got the Daddy DNA and the Mummy Fix Nigga Techa Nina send down D-Loc with a message to deliver He told the virgin with her perfect tits She'd be pregnant tonight and Tech would do bits That was when DNA left Fix for eternity Because it wasn't him who'd be off for 2 weeks on paternity So Fix travelled to the Strange Music headquarters Where Techa got him preggers and they made no daughter The kid they knew many beats he'd slaughter Be the saviour of the undaground, chhop he'd be taught to 4 Choppa kings came from round the other street Gave 4 gifts, Spillz, Bonez, Hurricane and DestNE And so was born Double S Lyrical Akuma to burn tracks and kill flows insanely and savagely Verse 5: Feal Você tava aqui esperando só velocidade Então mano vou te dar uma dose de realidade Pra você começar a enxergar a verdade Que tá foda esses rappers sem lealdade Esse povo com a idiotice afetando toda a comunidade "É papo repetido" Mas eu falo pra caralho, e o povo não muda, ninguém faz parte O povo acha que RAP é só um tipo de ritmo E acha que sou rapper só porque eu rimo E gente que não conhece, dizendo que é coisa de bandido Mas RAP também é poesia É até filosofia RAP mano, é até um estilo de vida Outros acham que a marca do RAP é a velocidade nas rimas Tá errado teu ponto de vista O bagulho é a mensagem E não importa se você fica na margem Mano isso aqui é RAP Não ostentação e swag Esses nego fica falando uma coisa qualquer fica até fazendo piada Com doenças como HIV e sem falar desses nego com inveja Que faz de tudo para o outro cair Enquanto crianças só se importam com SPS Falando até embolado só pra virar o primeiro Assim o rap não vai prosseguir Enquanto o povo cria treta nos comentários Porque não aceita que seu MC favorito não é tudo isso Não é capaz de admitir Pra tentar mudar mente fechada, mesmo que a tentiva seja falha estou aqui E não preciso ser o mais rápido pra ser respeitado Porque tem rapper que faz 20 até 30 Mas é facilmente superado porque tá limitado Na velocidade e falha aqui Eu chego invadindo a cena mesmo que se foda não tou pra agradar ninguém, sempre irei além Não sou o melhor Mas meu esforço é o maior Pra mudar essa cena pra melhor Falo mesmo quatro e não four Minha arma é a minha voz Minha munição é a minha mente E é infinita não acaba os pente Então é melhor fica ligado que eu sou super potente Esse aqui é o underground E não é playground Brasil representando no quinto round Verse 6: Lyr1c Verse 7: MultiPerson Let's Go Lemme just start by saying I won't retire When I literally just began to become higher I'm putting up a fight, I might be right to bare arms But the only lethal weapons I have are my bars So I'm talking about being a king like I'm a Czar But I'm only half-royal, that's what I got so far That was until I joined the chopper beats I'm in my Element (ha), being a star As a Person of Multi-ple talents, I've been giving it a part of me To make sure that the art isn't appreciated improperly I'm surprised no one's copied me, the genre's dying along with me I'm sympathetic for symphony being ruined like the economy And yet I still ask myself, "boy, what's wrong with me?" I feel a little bad no one's written specific songs for me It seems like every sad lyric in every song applies to me Misdemeanors and mis-readers are a part of my autonomy But screw that, I'mma leave the negativity and split a little bit of me A personal epiphany, heal you up with the lyrical histamine that is killing me Relieve myself of every little particle of amphetamine While I simultaneously split an iller killer symphony While I'm keeping it realer but feeling it deal another little kick in me The little bit of fiction is dissipating, feeling the weight But open the gate and then let in the great MC I'm attracting like a graviton, quark-gluon chi Cyclone, I know I'm throwing rounds into the sea When you ask for the fast stuff, I got the key Cuz I'm alien, I'm from Kepler 22b Technological advances make me move at lightspeed Boson vaccum consuming the weak And another gun is running up a wall or a tree See three C4 blow up with no reason A feasible reasoning being skipping another treason Literally nobody proceeds or secedes when I'm breathing Time stopped when my word Glock dropped a verse that was Demon Masterful trance keeping it paused when my word weapons unsheathing Verse 8: TheJackal Verse 9: Echo Chopping a bit of the lyrical venom that'll be too venomous for the final track and a lot of niggas wanna wear the jackets made out of denim Takin it back to the time when I was a little bit faster, but nobody even noticed me as if I was casper, but I stepped up my game and I moved past the- ways of the original flow, and I was thinkin about the chopper lifestyle but now I know that when you get Echo up on a track, he's not gonna rap it slow kickin the beat, couple of crackers gonna be able to be as sick as us nigga, choppin about time I get ready to pull the trigga, remembering the time when I was at least something, second to be apart of the a discord division song, and my mouth will keep on runnin, it's hard to be rapping and others want you on another track and then you gotta push it all the way back, i'd say you're stuck in the past, I be rapping so fast that I leave you in last Gonna be kickin a bit back in the game like the discord division introduction, and you can see the speed without the motherfuckin reduction This is just how we all stay in the same damn function, and listening to this can even give you a major concussion, I've been trying to be a success for a while, outta 100, I've moved up 1 tile, I'm part of discord division, not full of people who are just ass kissin, im even bigger than you by a kilo, is this verse even on beat? No I'm just an elemental chopper that deserves some recognition, you can see, how I bust, when I be wrecking this shit, whenever I get up on the track, I make sure to put in the effort, then I blow, there was nobody underground chopping a pace like echo, but then, there's echo Try to step away from the memes for a little bit, got sent to trial for a beat, I was killin it, doubled the beat, then tripled it for the track, like elemental choppers 1, but I'm not going back to that, just a rapper barely holding his ground, until by discord division I was found, you can see that I'm improving, but my mouth is like a machine gun and I keep on shooting Verse 10: Mistery